About Our Company

After years of creating raw cacao treats for our own enjoyment, Mannaplanet LLC was launched as a labor of love in September 2016 so our network of family and friends might also enjoy these healthful pleasures. Located in the mountains near Asheville NC, it is our goal to grow this company locally until we are able to provide the same level of quality to serve the demands of larger markets. Our products are produced in a commercial kitchen regularly inspected... (??? more about the facility , certification and inspection) ... 

Mannaplanet /man·nə·plan·ət/ (noun): a source of divine nourishment, imparting sudden and unexpected gratification, pleasure, and gain.

About Our Ingredients

We choose organic or wild-sourced ingredients that are raw, basic, and unprocessed to the extent possible...


Only 10% of cacao trees in the world are wild. We source our raw cacao paste & butter from David Wolfe's Longevity Warehouse. These ingredients are jungle harvested--not cultivated in a field. And they are also fermented, which makes them probiotic, prebiotic, and naturally anti-microbial. The shelf life is years.


We avoid agave nectar because it is similar to High Fructose Corn Syrup in the way it affects the liver.

We select raw organic coconut nectar from Coconut Secret because coconut nectar is naturally low glycemic which, in small amounts, does not raise blood sugar or stimulate insulin release.  We thus sweeten our products with small amounts of coconut nectar augmented by a few drops of Food for the Immortals liquid organic stevia (extracted from fresh stevia leaves).

We also use organic maple syrup in our elixirs & cheesecakes, also augmented with organic stevia extract.


We use dried goji berries, ???, ???, hemp seed hearts, pecans, brazil nuts, and traditional raw untoasted cashews. We prefer traditional raw cashews rather than the true raw cashews due to their easy access and cost. We do not use peanuts.


Our colors are organic and sourced from turmeric root powder, beet root powder, spirulina, mulberry powder, and goji berry powder. Natural flavors come from quality organic essential oils and essences obtained from Medicine Flower and Living Libations.

We use Celtic Sea Salt from Selena Naturally, a local company near us in Asheville, NC. Their salt is tested for purity and high trace mineral content.


We use no preservatives in any of our products, other than those imparted naturally by the ingredients. We recommend slicing our treats into 4 bites, to be kept and served cool or frozen. If preferred, they may also be safely kept and served at room temperature.

Please note that the "shelf life" of our products can be significantly shortened when kept in open view and easily accessible! 

About Purchasing Our Products

At this time we primarily deliver wholesale products to retail outlets in the Western North Carolina area. Retail purchases can be made from:

  • The Block off Biltmore (AKA TBob’s downtown on the corner of Marjorie & Eagle Streets). Sold by individual piece, and sometimes by the small box of 4.
  • West Village Market on Haywood Road in the Deli case. Sold by the box of 4 for $ 9.99 or each for $2.99. Larger boxes are coming soon!

We can also be found at some of the festivals and events around the area. Please see our Events Page for more information about these.

If you wish to make a retail order directly from us we are willing to meet you at a central location like Earthfare, Greenlife, and the French Broad Food Co-op. We are happy to customize boxes to your desires.

We are also available to fill special orders for parties and other events, including customized artistic designs for your treats.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our products, wish to make a special order, or have a retail outlet in the Western North Carolina region and would like to carry our products.

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